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Hello and welcome to my new website. My name is Natalie Hamade, I am an artist who has dabbled in every medium from fabric to frosting.
My interest in cloth dolls began in the summer of  2000, when I attended a fine art show. Several of the booths were exhibiting fantastic dolls all made from fabric and I was totally smitten. When I arrived back home I immediately started practicing some painting on fabric. Years later, after much dedication,  experimentation, trial and error I am where I am today-A Doll Artist/Designer.
It has been an honor for me to have had my dolls win and/or place in international doll shows, magazine and online challenges.
 My work has been displayed and sold at fine art shows, gift shops, ebay and exhibited in galleries. 
Magazine Publications: Art Doll Quarterly Spring 2004, Summer 2007, Soft Dolls & Animals September 2005 & May 2006, Dolls United Stage & Screen issue and Tropical issue, APWPWD issues 44, 47, 48, & 49; Doll Crafter & Costuming "Summer" winner of 4 seasons challenge.
BOOK-2009: "Creative Explorations in Cloth" Patti Culea.
Several of my dolls/paintings, are owned throughout the United States, England and Australia.
 Born and raised in Michigan, I now reside in the beautiful (warm) state of Georgia with my loving husband and two wonderful children.
 I hope you enjoy viewing pieces I've made in the past, present and pieces that are for sale. I also have a special link to my ebay offerings.
Please check back often, I'm always creating...
If you have questions, if you'd like to comment or if you have a special request, please email me.
Thanks and enjoy!!!
---Natalie Hamade