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Sea Siren

Sea Siren©
A Whimsical 7" decorative hanging mermaid pin doll.
This is a very detailed pattern with 8 instruction pages, 2 pages of diagrams, 1 template/pattern page and a beautiful full color photo on the front cover.
$10.00 S&H included.
International orders please inquire about postage

The Ice Queen©
"The Ice Queen is worried with the start of each day... For winter is over and she'll soon melt away"...   -Natalie Hamade

$14.00 S&H included*

The Ice Queen©
The Ice Queen© is a whimsical caricature doll that came to life in February 2006. Inspired by the wonders of winter, I created this pensive sprite into a cloth being from merely a sketch. 
Measuring in at 28", the Ice Queen was designed so that she could be displayed in a variety of poses.  1)sitting with her boney legs stretched out in front of her 2)hanging from her wired wings either from a ceiling or wall or 3)doing the splits, having one leg in front and the other behind.
This is a wonderful, detailed pattern that is simple enough even for the beginner dollmaker.
Things you'll learn:
Turn plain fabric into a beautiful painted 28" doll
Create an icy looking crown with tissue paper, decoupage, paints and pastels
Make magical fairy wings and a frost covered wand
Construct a sew simple costume using trim, lace and tulle
9 pages with full detailed text, 5 pattern pages, 1 page with face template and 1 full color page of the finished doll for reference
$14.00 S&H included

Ice Queen©~28" articulated cloth doll pattern~N.Hamade

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